4mm Cost-effective SPC Indoor flooring

SPC floor is a kind of stone plastic floor. Its main components are: "natural stone powder" added with "vinyl resin", which has super wear resistance and impact resistance, and has strong elastic recovery ability for heavy impact.

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The wear-resistant layer on the surface of the stone-plastic floor has special anti-skid properties And it has the characteristics of becoming astringent in contact with water. At the same time, the waterproof and moisture-proof ability is also first-class. As long as it is not soaked in water for a long time, it will not be damaged, and it will not be damaged in daily use. It needs special maintenance and is easy to take care of. It can be wiped directly with a wet mop, and it can be used directly with a neutral detergent for easier cleaning without causing any damage to the floor.The stone plastic floor also has good fire resistance and flame retardant performance But the lit cigarette butts fall on the floor, although it will not burn, but it will leave yellow marks that are not easy to remove. Flame retardant properties are not inferior.The stone plastic floor has good acid and alkali resistance. Generally, the splashing of stains will not damage the SPC floor, and it only needs to be cleaned in time. In the daily cleaning process, it can be used with a variety of cleaning agents with confidence. Moreover, the SPC floor is not easy to be corroded by stains, hardly produces odor, and keeps the air fresh for a long time.The stone plastic floor has a rich variety of colors In terms of appearance, the stone plastic floor has a rich variety of colors, and the high-end products are made of concave and convex texture like a carpet, which brings out the aesthetic effect of graceful, luxurious, elegant and fresh, and can meet the needs of diversified decoration.





Product type SPC Quality floor
Anti-friction layer thickness 0.4MM
Main raw materials Natural stone powder and polyvinyl chloride
Stitching type Lock stitching
Each piece size 1220*183*4mm
Package 12pcs/carton
Environmental protection level E0

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