AOWEI Brand High Quality PVC Marble Sheet

AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet adopts high-quality raw materials, extrudes a smooth substrate through advanced machines, perfectly integrates the color pattern with the substrate, and then undergoes advanced surface treatment technology to make the surface have a bright luster, like a real marble slab.

Products Details

Anti-penetration The surface is coated with transparent UV paint, which makes the color more realistic and close to natural marble. Very low water absorption, <0.2%, makes PVC Marble Sheet not deformed and does not absorb water. Wine, coffee, soy sauce and edible oil cannot penetrate into the boardDoes not fade The color layer is pressed on the surface of the substrate by pressure rolling at high temperature, so that the color layer is closely combined with the substrate and cannot be peeled off when exposed to water, and the surface is protected by UV paint, so that the color layer is firmly locked in the UV paint, and the color is realistic Naturally, it is generally not easy to fade after 5 to 10 years of normal indoor use.Anti-mildew and crack-proof, longer service life PVC is used as raw material, so that it has certain anti-mildew properties, and ordinary microorganisms cannot survive in it. Coupled with advanced surface coating materials to ensure that the material does not enter water, the product can say goodbye to troublesome problems such as mildew and cracking, and obtain longer service life.




Rich color design We have hundreds of designs to choose from, covering not only natural marble designs, but also artificial patterns such as wood grain, technology, art, and with custom printed designs, we can give you any style you want, so Satisfy your use in various occasions.Easy to clean and low maintenance cost Due to the product surface coating and advanced anti-penetration technology, the stains attached to the surface of the product can be easily wiped off, and the stains cannot penetrate into the interior of the product, but only remain on the topmost UV paint surface of the product, making product cleaning and maintenance easier.

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