Flex PVC Marble for Wall Decoration

1.100% water-resistant, fungus-resistant, corrosion-resistant, termite-resistant etc.

2.Weight is only 1/5 the natural marble, and price is just 1/10 the natural marble.

3.Easy to clean, cut and install (use glue is ok, no more nails).

4.Formaldehyde-free, no radiation.

Products Details

Environmental protection As a new type of environmentally friendly material, PVC Marble Sheet is mainly composed of PVC and stone powder. Both PVC and stone powder are renewable resources. This means that our PVC Marble Sheet is also recyclable. And its production process does not require any chemical ingredients. Even his colors are extruded from the substrate in a high temperature environment without any glue.Simple construction PVC Marble Sheet usually has a thickness of three millimeters and does not require any large tools during its construction. Just use the cutter to cut him into any shape. Then match it with metal lines and use structural glue to hit the back and paste it on the wall. The construction period is very short, and the construction can be completed after the structural adhesive is firm after 24 hours. Simple tools, efficient construction. This is also a factor to consider when decorating.The price per square meter of PVC Marble Sheet is only 1/10 of that of natural marble sheet. But his decoration effect is no different from natural marble. This also makes us more inclined to choose a more cost-effective price when choosing decoration materials. Moreover, wall decoration accounts for 1/3 of the entire decoration cost. Therefore, we are more required to pay more attention to cost performance when choosing wall decoration materials. In addition, the construction of PVC Marble Sheet is simple and the construction period is short, which also makes his decoration cost lower.




PVC marble sheet is a wall decoration material, the main material is PVC material, a new type of environmental protection material. Rich colors to choose from, with the advantages of waterproof, anti-ant, mute, easy installation and so on. Widely used in home improvement and commercial places. As an excellent decoration designer, you have no reason not to know the existence of PVC Marble Sheet. PVC Marble Sheet as an artificial marble panel. Its color and texture design, intersecting with the natural marble panel, is richer. And it is easier to integrate into the most popular elements of the moment. Personality has become the main theme of decoration now, so more diverse colors and more unique designs have become very important in current decoration design. Therefore, PVC Marble Sheet is loved and used by more decoration designers.

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