High-end Wall Decoration 3D PVC Laminate Sheet

There are many kinds of decoration styles. The establishment of various decoration styles makes it easier for designers to grasp the foothold of the design, and it also makes it easier for customers to express their needs for the desired decoration effect. Decorate to your liking. The advent of 3D PVC Marble Sheet is to meet the needs of various decoration styles and meet the decoration preferences of different groups of people.

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Lines styles Modern style decoration features: It is composed of curves and asymmetric lines, such as flower stalks, flower buds, vines, insect wings and various beautiful and wavy shapes in nature, which are reflected in the decoration of walls, railings, window lattices and furniture. The lines are some soft and elegant, some strong and rhythmic, and the whole three-dimensional form is integrated with the orderly and rhythmic curves.



The emphasis is on the expression of nature, but different pastoral fields have different natures. Then a variety of furniture styles are derived, Chinese style, European style, and even South Asian pastoral style, each with its own characteristics. Each is beautiful. When the zero-bedroom and the American pastoral style meet, luxury is gone, and romance will replace it.3D PVC Marble Sheet prints different elements on a huge substrate through a giant printer A large number of iron components are used, and new technologies such as glass and ceramic tiles, as well as iron products and ceramic products, are comprehensively used in the interior. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, and try to introduce new ideas to the interior decoration art. 3D PVC Marble Sheet prints different elements on a huge substrate through a giant printer, and then coats it with a layer of bright UV transparent paint, making the printing pattern clearer and the color more realistic.

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