High Gloss UV Marble Sheet Made In China

1.100% water-resistant, fungus-resistant, corrosion-resistant, termite-resistant etc.

2.Weight is only 1/5 the natural marble, and price is just 1/10 the natural marble.

3.Easy to clean, cut and install (use glue is ok, no more nails).

4.Formaldehyde-free, no radiation.

Products Details

Good decorative effect. As a new decorative material in 2022, AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet has very rich design colors. It not only has various designs of traditional natural marble, but also in order to meet market demand, we continue to incorporate various design elements that are currently the most popular, and strive to satisfy designers. According to the requirements of different design styles, more than 1,000 designs have been developed, which can meet various decoration styles in different countries and regions. We are also constantly innovating in design, and every year we launch new products of the season, so that our customers can keep up with the market trend.Fast and convenient installation and construction. AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet can be constructed on any flat wall with low requirements on the construction environment and can be adapted to most decoration places. At present, the best installation method and the most convenient is to directly use neutral silicone structural adhesive (if acidic or corrosive adhesive is used, it is easy to chemically react with the PVC component in the product, so it is necessary to use a more stable adhesive. Neutral adhesive), squeeze on the back of the product, and stick the product on the construction wall. The construction can be completed after the adhesive is fully cured.Easy to clean and maintenance free. Since AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet contains a large amount of PVC raw materials, this product basically has most of the properties of PVC, and it is extremely stable and incompatible with other substances at room temperature, which makes it difficult for stains to integrate into the product, making it easy to clean. In addition, a layer of UV paint will be applied on the outside of the product to make the surface of the product smooth and not easy to get stains. Even if there are stains on the surface, the stains can be easily removed with a wet towel. This product requires no maintenance and only needs to be cleaned daily. It is the best substitute for natural marble panels.




Environmentally friendly and recyclable. The main raw materials of new decorative materials are PVC and calcium carbonate, which are non-toxic and non-radiation renewable resources. No harmful components are generated even in high temperature environments, so you can use it in any situation with confidence. Whether it is school, hospital, shopping mall or home use, it can be perfectly matched.

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