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Even in the same space, the perfect fusion of different styles can be achieved. The interior layout also has the characteristics of being modern and practical, and absorbing the traditional features, integrating ancient and modern Chinese and Western in the decoration and furnishings. Here decoration designers want to remind you that the mix and match should be moderate. Otherwise, it will be very confusing visually. The 3D PVC Marble Sheet can be mixed and matched in any position according to the designer's requirements.Not pursuing style does not mean that there is no style; as long as it belongs to you, it is the style that you like, and that is your own style. The purpose of home design and decoration is to show the structural advantages of the building, so that the decoration can be the icing on the cake for the building. Sometimes it is not necessary to deliberately pursue an established decoration style, such as Nordic style, Chinese style, etc., but to create a casual, comfortable, fashionable and atmospheric home atmosphere as a whole. For example, there are no complex shapes and lines in the whole room, the porch at the entrance, the ceiling of the reception area and the dining area, the modeling treatment of the TV wall, and the 3D PVC Marble Sheet with different textures are all square or rectangular. There is no trace of design, but the whole is so harmonious and natural, which is pleasing to the eye. For example, the living room is furnished with blue fabric sofas and blue rugs, which looks stable and generous; and the bright red dining table and chairs make the color contrast and change.Low price can still help you achieve luxurious decoration. 3D PVC Marble Sheet can help you achieve the perfect realization of different home decoration styles at the most cost-effective price. The magnificent palace does not necessarily require you to spend huge decoration costs, and the low price can still help you achieve luxurious decoration.



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