UV PVC Marble Sheet Produced by Linyi City Factory

PVC marble sheet is a wall decoration material, the main material is PVC material, a new type of environmental protection material. Rich colors to choose from, with the advantages of waterproof, anti-ant, mute, easy installation and so on. Widely used in home improvement and commercial places.

Products Details

Waterproof AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet, as a substitute for natural marble, of course has the waterproofness of natural marble, even if the product is immersed in water, it can be used normally, and it can be used in daily decoration environment. However, it should be noted that if the product is used in water or a humid environment, it needs to be matched with a waterproof adhesive. If an ordinary adhesive is used, it is easy to cause the adhesive to fail in an environment that is invaded by water molecules for a long time fall off to damage.Fireproof AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet contains a lot of PVC raw materials, so its finished product has good flame retardancy like PVC. Generally, it is difficult for fire sources to ignite the product. Even if the product is ignited by other items, the PVC Marble Sheet will stop burning. It can achieve the good effect of flame retardant, reduce the fire loss, and at the same time ensure that the house wall is not damaged.Anti-insect AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet, the main components are PVC and calcium carbonate, these two raw materials have anti-insect properties. Moreover, AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet is extruded at high temperature, the surface is firm and smooth, and it is difficult to be eaten by common pests such as termites, so it has excellent insect resistance.




Anti-enzyme AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet, after a high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, mixes raw materials such as PVC and calcium carbonate, and melts it into a flowable solid state. After extrusion molding, the entire production environment is in a high temperature state, and no organic matter can survive. Even if organic matter is attached to the surface of the product, because the surface layer of the product is a layer of airtight UV coating, the organic matter such as mildew can be easily removed, so that the product is as clean as new.

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