WPC Panel for Villa Dedicated Outdoor Convenient Fence

WPC Panel  can be widely used for exterior wall panels and floors, especially balconies and courtyards. This aspect is beyond the reach of solid wood wall panels and laminate floors, but it is where the wpc wall panel comes in. Due to the unique production process of wpc wall panels, sheets and profiles of different thicknesses and degrees of flexibility can be produced. According to needs, so they are widely used in outdoor decorative modeling.

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WPC has various shapes and rich colors. WPC Wall Panel is rich in color and soft in material. People can cut any shape according to their desired shape, such as marching, straight, block, line and surface, and they will not be broken, which fully satisfies the designer's endless imagination and creative inspiration. It does not have the knots and twills that wood often has, and it has a variety of colors, including pomelo, Thai pomelo, golden sandalwood, red sandalwood, silver walnut, black walnut, walnut, dark mahogany, light mahogany, cedar and so on. You can also add colorants, use lamination or make a composite surface to make colorful products, so as to fully meet the needs of people's personalized customization.WPC is comfortable and natural, with strong three-dimensional sense. Because ecological wood is produced on the basis of natural wood, and the color is as consistent as possible with natural wood, which also makes the decorated building feel comfortable and natural. Moreover, the shape of the WPC Wall Panel itself is three-dimensional, and the conventional decoration has a good three-dimensional effect. In addition, it can be arbitrarily designed and shaped, which can create a stronger three-dimensional effect.Environmental protection, no pollution. The wood powder used in WPC Wall Panel is processed from scattered wood that cannot be used directly, which not only improves the utilization of wood resources, but also solves the current shortage of solid wood resources. In addition, the processing process does not emit industrial waste, and there are no toxic substances in the processing raw materials. In addition, the surface is smooth and flat, and no redundant processing technology is required. Therefore, it does not contain toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde, so as to achieve the entire process from production to user use. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free.



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WPC Panel is a kind of wood-plastic material, which is a new type of environmental protection landscape material made of wood powder, straw and macromolecular materials after special treatment. It has the superior performance of environmental protection, flame retardant, insect-proof and waterproof; it eliminates the tedious maintenance of anti-corrosion wood painting, saves time and effort, and does not need to be maintained for a long time.

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